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We are an information and communication technology office. We align our work with responsive design, making the world more beautiful. 3PICOS is formed by people, from the most diverse tribes, thoughts, and synergy. We respect the individual, his time and way of doing things. Some work from home, others rarely show up for coffee at the Hub, some people we don't even know if they live in Brazil, some are self-taught, others have a gigantic curriculum, some like rock, others like reggae, there are people who even like backcountry, you will understand the suffering hahah! Each person is a construction for us and makes us who we are. Each individual makes 3PICOS a creative, responsive office with unique solutions. We use powerful tools to deliver powerful solutions and work hard to make sure each customer is the best for them.

We don't want employees, we want people who identify with us, our home, and the way we do things. People who are authentic, and the best at what they do.

We are looking for people

who are able to:

We are a family owned and operated business.

  • Putting the consumer first: we believe that convenience and privacy must coexist.

  • Act like owners: we always think about what we would do if the company were ours.

  • Be agile: we learn quickly, decide wisely and change the status quo.

  • Think big: we are ambitious and we are not afraid to take risks.

  • Working as a team: together we go further.

This way

Responsible autonomy

We are a great team, a family that works for results. Always in collaboration with everyone involved, we look for people who make decisions and who grow with mistakes and obstacles along the way.



Inside 3P, in our HUB, we wear shorts, shorts, wear slippers, play games and have fun. There are events to improve coexistence with everyone and from time to time there is a barbecue, if you are vegan, there is fruit on the grill.





We value productive people and quality of life. We organize our work schedules in the way that best suits our routine, delivering on time and with the quality that 3PICOS requires, you make your schedule.




We have health insurance with national coverage, food / meal vouchers, transportation vouchers or parking. We also have many goodies and healthy snacks available at the office.





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